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Clarena Larrotta


Conslng, Ldrship, Adlt Educ & Schl Psych


Associate Professor

Academic Interests The focus of my research agenda is on crafting a third space for engaged scholarship (Boyer, 1996). Through this practice the areas of teaching, research, and service are connected in an organic manner blurring the boundaries between these areas. In collaboration with graduate students and colleagues I build bridges to connect the rich resources of the university to our most pressing social, civic and ethical problems by educating the adults, children and families in our local community. My main goal is to create, support, and document possibilities for change. Thus, my research agenda centers on adult ESL literacy, family literacy, and bilingual education issues for the development of the adults and families in our region. The practice of family literacy works as a bridge establishing the connection between schools and community. Family literacy focuses on the language learning needs of family members (adults and children) and often has a parenting instruction component. I design qualitative research studies that incorporate best teaching practices and action research principles using a Freirean/participatory approach. By doing so, the research I do attends to real issues in the lives of adult English learners and their families.

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