Navigating Faculty Commons


The Home tab is where you land when you first link to Faculty Commons. This page provides a quick look at what’s going on in the commons: featured workshops and groups, active groups and members, what is being discussed in the forums and a list of the most recent documents that have bee uploaded to the commons. Make sure you login with your Net ID by clicking the [Login] button in the upper-left corner or use the log-in button next to the slide show.

Each person, group, topic and document is linked. You’ll probably see your name first in the list of those logged on. You can view member profile pages by clicking a member’s name. Click a group name to go to that group site.

You can further sort groups and members by clicking [Newest], [Active], and [Popular] to resort the column information.


The Members Directory shows all Faculty Commons members. You can see who is currently online, who has been active, or add other members as friends to easily keep up with their activity. Click a member’s name to access their profile page. Access your own profile page by clicking on your name in the list or by hovering over your name in the upper-right hand corner and selecting profile.


Select the [Groups] tab to return a list of all the groups on the Commons. Groups who have chosen to be hidden will not appear in this list.  You can use the “Search Groups…” field on the right to find specific groups. A sub-tab splits groups into “All Groups,” and “My Groups” (groups to which you are a member). You may create, join, and leave groups from this screen by selecting the appropriate buttons. People who have not joined any groups will not see the “My Groups” tab.

For more information on how to best utilize Groups, please read the Groups section of the Faculty Commons Recommended Use Guide.


The Docs page allows you to view all of the resources that have been added to Faculty Commons intended for public consumption.  Resources that can be uploaded to Docs include documents, video files, presentations, etc. You can create documents and upload files of your own by clicking [Create New Doc].

A sub-tab splits the Docs Directory into four categories: All Docs, Started by Me, Edited by Me, and My Groups. Below the sub-tabs are search and filter options. You can filter by Attachments, Tags, or search by keywords. To further refine your search results, you may sort results by Title, Author, Created (date), Group, and Tags.

If you are adding your own documents, make them easy to find by giving them a descriptive name.

For more information on Docs, please read the Docs section of the Faculty Commons Recommended Use Guide.


Select the [Activity] tab to see what other members have been doing in the Commons, such as forum postings, doc uploads and group creation. These updates can be filtered in several different ways using the tabs in the left navigation panel, as well as the pull-down filter at the right of the page. At the top of the page is a text field you can use to post announcements to your profile page. Any announcements posted here will also appear in the activity list.


Find and register for workshops with a focus on teaching and learning by clicking [Workshops] at the top of the page. This list filters to the most current workshops being offered that relate to academic professional development, teaching, learning, research and scholarly/creative activities. Click on a workshop of your choice to begin the registration process.



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