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Translational Health Research Initiative’s Docs Health Research Scholar Showcase Health Scholar Showcase Poster List with Received Posters Marked

This list includes the Health Scholar Showcase poster titles, one point of contact for each poster, and whether we have received a printed copy of the poster at the Translational Health Research office (Nueces 247).  Please drop off completed posters by noon on by February 9th, and send us a digital copy of the poster files so we can display them on the AVPR website after the event.  Just to confirm a few details:

  1. We will take all the posters to the event and make sure they are displayed on the stands by late night on Feb 9th. Presenters will not take their own posters on the day of the event.
  2. We will provide the stands and binder clips for all posters. Faculty and colleges do not have to provide their own stands. Everything will be done when people arrive on the 10th at 1:30.
  3. Please bring your posters to Nueces 249 – the Translational Health Research office between now and noon on February 9th.
  4. We would be very grateful if you will ask presenters to be sure and take their posters when they leave the Showcase at 4:30 p.m. It would also be helpful if the Research Coordinators or a designated representative from each college and center makes sure all posters remain on display for the entire Health Scholar Showcase until 4:30 p.m., and are removed from the PAC immediately after the event.We have very limited ability to store or transport the posters after the event, and need to quickly clean up the Performing Arts Center at 4:30 when the Showcase is over.

Thank you again for all your assistance!


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